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Esports Betting Sites

Find the best Spain esports betting sites, all of which are licensed providers.

Is it legal to bet on esports from Spain?

Yes.  Online betting and gambling in Spain is highly regulated and betting on esports falls within this scope.  You will note that most providers do so through ‘dot-es’ domains, so these sites are made to serve customers in Spain directly and separately from their normal, international sites.  As part of the new regulations for advertisements and reviews of betting in Spain, publishers like must place an “age-gate” on their site, which is intended to prevent access to minors.  As this site is meant for an international audience, this age-gate is not something that we can add, so here, we will not actually list the betting providers by name.  However, the top Spain betting sites all offer great esports coverage.

Online esports betting in Spain

Spanish esports fans cannot make a bad choice with any of the above betting providers.  It really just depends on the aspects of your experience that are most important for you.  Each of our esports betting site reviews address and grade key points about the available esports event coverage, esports betting market coverage and the respective approaches to odds margins.  The reviews also discuss the respective betting platforms for both mobile and desktop users.  The above rankings are based on these overall grades, but each site has different areas of strength.  

Spain Esports-only betting sites

Although it might sound interesting to register with a service that solely focuses on your passion for esports, esports-only betting sites have many negative points to consider.  You may find our complete summary as we compare traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  More briefly, it might sound strange, but with the top traditional sports betting sites, you get better esports event coverage, more ways to bet, better esports odds and way better betting platforms, all of which come from highly-regarded and well-established companies.

Esports-only betting site companies are all relatively very small and very new.  This makes them more susceptible to the risks and downward trends of that are associated with bookmaking, so your money is less secure.  It also means they do not have the scale to offer a superior service.  With a focus only on esports, they can only touch upon a very small part of the overall betting marketplace.  It would be like a betting site only covering basketball.  It simply does not make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  Thus, it makes far more sense for you to find the traditional online sports betting providers that have developed their own top-level esports coverage and odds.    

Banking with esports betting sites from Spain

From Spain, there are many ways to transact with your online bookmaker of choice.  Each site supports a unique mix of payment methods.  You’ll find available methods like Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, paysafecard and bank transfers.  

Esports in Spain

Spain is one of the top performing nations in the world of esports, ranked as the #24 by earnings at the end of 2019.  With this ranking, it is thus no surprise that several Spanish esports athletes are within the top 1,000 earners in the world.  G2 Esports is the biggest esports team with its roots in Spain.  Founded in 2013 by legendary League of Legends player-turned-team owner, Spaniard Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez’, G2 Esports is one of the leading entertainment assets in esports.

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