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The best Hong Kong esports betting sites, both of which offer HKD accounts

Online esports betting in Hong Kong

From Hong Kong, you cannot register and play at any of our main esports betting sites.  This is because many sports and esports betting sites have decided not to serve the Hong Kong market due to the local regulations.  You can however register at MarathonBet, which has great esports betting as well as many other types of betting and gaming.

Is online esports betting legal in Hong Kong?

The reality is that within Hong Kong, the only online venue that people in Hong Kong should legally use for any kind of sports related betting should be the Hong Kong Jockey Club website, which holds a de facto monopoly over betting in this jurisdiction.  Many sports betting companies have shied away from offering their service in Hong Kong as a result.  

However, unfortunately, the HKJC only offers football betting, and in a limited fashion.  If you want to bet on esports, the MarathonBet allows you to both bet on esports and bank in a private manner via Bitcoin or other offshore banking providers, ewallets or credit cards.

If you are very concerned with privacy, simply access their sites using a VPN.  You yourself however  however are not really at legal risk in betting privately online.  The biggest risk for illegal gambling in Hong Kong comes if you attend or help to organise a gambling den.  Examples of Hong Kong gambling den arrests can be read here and here.  

Esports in Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not yet have an esports scene that is performing at a high level on the international events.  Although recreational participation in high, top Hong Kong esports earners are well down the pecking order compared to other developed economies of similar size, as they have just two esports athletes in the top 1,000 by earnings at the end of 2018.  Assuming the Chinese government does not intend to crackdown on video games in China and its related territories, esports within Hong Kong should continue to grow with organisations like Hong Kong Esports which works to to facilitate esports events, meetings and participation.


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