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Online esports betting in Germany

From Germany, you can register and play at four of our nine top esports betting sites.  This means that German esports fans have a wide range of choice.  Our site reviews can help you figure out which site is best for your needs.  They each address and grade the important aspects of each service such as the available esports league and event coverage, esports betting market coverage and the respective approaches to odds margins and esports promotions.  The reviews also discuss the respective betting platforms for both mobile and desktop users.  The list above is ranked based on our overall grades, but each site has different strengths with regard to these particular areas.  At the base of each review, you’ll find a brief summary that will let you know very simply if the given site matches your needs.

Germany Esports-only betting sites

Although we can empathize with finding interest in a service that focuses on your passion for esports, esports-only betting sites have numerous negative points to consider.  We do a full comparison of traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  To quickly sum up the issue, traditional sites actually offer you better esports event coverage, more ways to bet, better esports odds, better betting platforms, all from long-established and stable companies.  Esports-only companies that serve Germany just do not have the scale to offer a superior service, since all they focus on is esports.  Esports is still a relatively small part of the overall betting marketplace so it would be like only offering betting on ice hockey.  It just doesn’t make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  What does make sense is to find traditional Germany betting sites which have moved to offer incredible esports coverage and odds, such as those listed above.

Banking with an esports betting site from Germany

From Germany, several popular methods exist that allow you to transact with your betting site of choice.  Each betting site offers their own selection methods, and can include: Visa & MasterCard credit and debit cards, paysafecard, Klarna (Sofort), PayPal, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller and bank transfers.

Is Online Esports Betting Legal in Germany

Essentially, yes.  Although there is much confusion about how the framework there currently operates.  Most licensed providers for German play have licenses within the state of Schleswig-Holstein where 48 licenses have currently been issues.  However, the German approach to gaming licenses is seen as a point of contention and potentially in conflict with European Laws with regard to monopolies and transparency.  Going forward, there will certainly be some change with regard to those companies that will serve Germany, but for now, those esports betting sites on this page will serve customers in Germany.

Esports in Germany

There is no doubt about it, Germany is an esports powerhouse.  They are a sporting nation to be sure, and few others have been as quick to legitimize esports as in Germany, where it is to be recognized as a sport.  This has no doubt been pushed forward through the success of the top German esports athletes.  Through 2018, Germany lay claim to the world’s highest earning esports athlete, KuroKy.  In general the top German esports earners exhibit the countries extraordinary depth of field with 29 of the word’s top 1,000 earners.  This depth of field will only continue to add strength given the grass-roots competition as encouraged by University Esports Germany which offers organised events in League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone.  

With the boom in esports, enthusiastic talent and youthful demographics, large corporations have shifted their sponsorship investments from traditional sports toward esports as demonstrated by McDonald’s Germany dropping Bundesliga football sponsorships, for investments in esports.  We’re not going to make an odd claims here.  Football and the Bundesliga in Germany are the sporting incumbents and will be the at the top of Sport in Germany for the foreseeable future.  However, it is clear that the growth of esports in Germany is being seen as an opportunity that is too good to pass up.

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