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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Artifact, FIFA, Rocket League, R6, Overwatch more!

LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Overwatch, Warcraft, R6, Rocket League & more!

LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Overwatch, Warcraft, R6, Rocket League & more!

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Site Contents

1.0  All you need to know about online esports betting

1.1  Things you should look for in an esports betting site

1.1.1  Is the betting site considered well-established, reputable and trustworthy?

1.1.2  Does the bookmaker offer solid esports event coverage?

1.1.3  What are the available esports betting markets, or ways to bet?

1.1.4  How are esports betting odds expressed?  Does the betting site offer competitive odds for esports?

1.1.5  Are there new customer bonus offers for esports bettors?

1.1.6  Comparing traditional betting sites vs esports-only betting sites

1.2  Is online esports betting legal?

1.2.1  How old must I be to bet on esports?

1.2.2 Is esports at risk of illegal match-fixing?

1.3  Banking: How to deposit or withdraw funds with your betting site

1.3.1  Payments with credit or debit cards

1.3.2  Payments with e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz

1.3.3  Payments with bank debit solutions

1.3.4  Payments with Bitcoin

1.3.5  Payments with prepaid solutions like paysafecard

1.4  How large is the market for online esports betting?

1.5  Tips and strategies for esports betting

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Since online betting is highly regulated, each betting site has its own rules with regard to the nations that they serve. Find your country below to view the best esports betting sites for where you live:

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All you need to know about online esports betting

Esports has exploded.  Driven by the millennial generation, the skill and strategy of elite esports athletes is now appreciated so highly that in-stadium, broadcast and online viewership of esports events now rival that of traditional sports like basketball and baseball.

Of course, when one is interested in any kind of competition, including esports, one can also be interested in wagering on that competition.  This involves risking real money by staking that money for a bet on the outcome of a given esports event.  Most people associate betting with traditional sports.  If you are not much a traditional sports fan, that’s OK, that’s why this site was developed - to help you understand not only esports betting, but betting itself.

Things you should look for in an esports betting site:

Is the betting site well-established, reputable and trustworthy?

This point is more crucial for esports fans than for traditional sports fans.  Online betting for traditional sports has been around since the late 1990s.  Since then, several companies have risen to become dominant brands.  These companies have the reputation and just as important, the scale to ensure their own liquidity and sustainability, meaning that you know they will be around for a long time, that your money is secure and that they will pay out on a win.  

With the explosion of esports, there has also been a similar explosion in the emergence of betting companies that purely cover esports.  In other words, betting sites that only offer wagering on esports events.  While this might sound intriguing if you are only interested in esports yourself, you would certainly be taking a big risk by trusting your funds to what are essentially brand new companies that are assuredly new to the business and the swings that can occur when ‘making book’.

Esports betting need not be exclusive of traditional sports betting.  That would be like a company that only offers betting on the sport of basketball, excluding coverage of all others - it makes little sense.  Below, in detail, you can read our comparison of traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites and how the latter group truly fails to offer worthy services.  In the end, what you need to do is find the established sports betting sites that have recognized the importance of esports and have moved to offer extensive esports services in addition to their traditional sports betting.  This way, you can take advantage of their scale which ensures safety of funds, plus their ability to offer competitive odds, superior interfaces, infrastructure and features including betting live in-play during esports events.

All of the betting sites listed here on fall into this category.  They all offer excellent traditional sports and esports betting.  Due to their scale, many also offer other gaming verticals including poker, casino games, live casino games and more.  They have solid reputations and are regulated by many separate national gambling authorities to ensure fairness and compliance with rules.  Do not risk your money by playing with sites that are purely and only dedicated to esports.  There are too many well-established companies with great esports coverage for you to take this risk.

Does the bookmaker offer solid esports event coverage?

Let’s put this into a traditional sports context: Would a traditional American Football fan only want to be able to bet on the Super Bowl?  Would a football or soccer fan only want to be able to bet on the UEFA Champions League Final?  Probably not.  Would esports bettors just want to bet on the biggest annual event within esports?  Probably not.  

Ideally your betting site of choice will cover all the esports leagues and events that you are interested in following, watching and betting upon.  We outline this information throughout this site and it is a central point of focus in our evaluation of each betting site.  It’s why we outline the top betting sites as categorized by your particular esports games of interest.  

Furthermore, know that we have reviewed many betting sites for both sports and esports purposes, and not all traditional sports betting sites provide great esports coverage.  As such, we don’t even give these companies a low grade on this site. We simply excluded them so as not to waste your time. If we have included the betting site in our rankings, we truly believe they cover esports well.

What are the available esports betting markets, or ways to bet?

Betting markets for esports are fairly straight-forward.  The most simple is of course the match betting market.  This however can be represented in different ways or by different names.  Some sites might call it ‘2-way match winner’ or ‘Money Line’.  Other sites might not even call the market by name, you may just see the event with odds for one team and odds for another team.

Beyond match betting, you might find ‘handicap’ betting.  Rather than a team simply winning, in an effort to offer odds that are more even on both potential results, the betting site can apply a handicap like +/-1.5 games.  The favourite team would thus need to win its match by 2 games in order to be the winner in the handicap market.  If you think the favourite will win by a solid margin, you can take advantage of better odds compared to simple match betting odds.

Depending on the game and the betting site, ‘Totals’ may also be available, where you can bet on the over/under that a given team will achieve in their given match.

Some betting sites may offer ‘Outrights’.  This is the betting market you would want if you wanted to bet on the outright winner of a given tournament or championship, not simply a single match.

When it comes to particular games, like CS:GO, you may even find markets that deal with betting on particular Maps or if a given team will win at least 1 Map.  The more popular the particular esport, the more of these proposition bets will be available.

How are esports betting odds expressed?

Note that if you are completely new to betting, you might need to familiarize yourself with the three main types of odds formats at each betting site: Fractional, Decimal and American.

Fractional odds express the amount of potential profit as related to your stake.  For example, with a $10 bet, odds of ½ mean a potential profit of $5, for a total return of $15.  Odds of 1/1 would return profit that is equal to your stake amount.  

Decimal odds express the total potential return (not just the potential profit).  Odds of 1.75 on a $10 bet would return a total of $17.50 (profit of 7.50).  

American odds format focuses on the figure of $100 to express favourites (odds that pay below even money) and underdogs (odds that pay above even money).  For example, if you see a negative figure of -150, that means you would need to bet $150 on the associated result in order to win $100 in profit.  For a figure of +180, that means you must bet $100, in order to win a profit of $180.  Note that you need not bet or stake at these actual levels, these are just for expression.  

You can uses any of these three formats at your betting site of choice, whichever is easiest for you to understand.

Does the betting site offer competitive odds for esports?

It helps here to explain a bit about betting sites or bookmakers in general.  Bookmakers make money by balancing their potential liabilities or payouts for every event betting market that they offer.  Bookmakers use and change the odds in order to help balance the payouts.  

The bookmaker builds a revenue margin into their odds pricing so that when an event is well-balanced, they will be guaranteed to earn revenue, no matter the result of the event.  For esports, the standard odds margins of reputable sites tends to be in the 5% to 8% range.  This means that for a given bet, like on a given team to win a match, of all the monies wagered, 95% to 92% will be returned to the winners, and 5% to 8% will remain with the betting site as revenue.  

Betsson tends to offer esports odds that are consistently very high. They can do this because they operate with a low-margin business model with no bonus offers and little advertising expenditure.  The no-bonus trade-off is one that you might want to weigh in order to get consistently better odds.

Are there new customer bonus offers for esports bettors?

Yes there are.  Their availability often depends on where you live.  Seven of our eight sites tend to offer new customer promotions to consider.  Regulations and rules about our listing of these bonus offers means that we would need to list a lot of fine print that you probably don’t want to read right now.  If you are interested in a particular site, when you click to visit them, they will naturally detect the country you are in and they will prominently display their relevant bonus if available - you won’t need to go searching.  You can read the terms and conditions at that time.  

When you click to visit any of our listed betting sites, where possible, we try to take you directly to the esports events so you can immediately see what is happening in the moment you visit them.  Where this is not possible, you will land at a general online betting page, or an esports related bonus page.  From there, you will simply need to click the button to ‘Register’ or ‘Join’ ‘or ‘Sign Up’ and then enter some basic personal information about yourself. Note that some of the bonuses listed are for any kind of betting, not just esports - the offer will still apply to your esports bets.

Some betting sites like Betway have loyalty programs which include regular esports offers, which are available for customers in many countries (but not all).  Sites like Betsson look to offer odds that are a little higher than average over time.  As such, they tend not to offer new customer bonuses.  Offering higher odds is their preferred way to give their customers good value, rather than bonuses. We’ve provided some widely accepted new customer offers at right, simply scroll down to see all. Note that while some may look like a regular sports betting bonus, they will apply to esports just the same.

Comparison of traditional betting sites vs esports-only betting sites

The bottom line is that you deserve to play with a reputable provider that offers excellent betting platforms across all devices, covers esports events broadly, offers lots of betting markets (ways to bet), offers competitive odds, processes withdrawals in a timely fashion and is set up as a company to stand the test of time.  The simple fact is that esports-only betting sites miss on several of these points because they simply do not have the scale to offer them.

So where do esports-only betting sites miss the mark?

The odds: We can do this with a quick check of the odds margins, or the revenue rate built into the odds. A check of some esports-only betting sites on December 1, 2018 showed most match winner markets had margins ranging from 10% to 15%.  This means that for these matches, they were keeping 10 to 15 cents out of every dollar wagered on the event betting market.  Our recommended betting sites tend to hover in the 5% to 8% margin range, keeping just 5 to 8 cents each dollar wagered on the event market - or about half the revenue margin of some of the esports-only sites.  This means that traditional betting sites offer better odds, so you get higher payouts if you win your bets.  Our recommended traditional betting sites can afford to offer better odds due to their scale and large customer base.  They can afford to make less on each and every esports bet because their overall business is so much larger than esports-only sites.  

Esports game coverage: This might sound strange for esports-only betting sites, but they do not cover all esports events.  The biggest games like LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO get covered, but games that are not quite as popular often do not get covered.  In checking two popular esports-only betting sites, FIFA, Rainbow Six, Street Fighter, Artifact and others were not available for betting despite there being upcoming events that were covered by traditional betting sites listed here.  

Esports betting markets: When it comes to betting market breadth, some of the most popular esports-only betting sites might offer a grand total of five betting markets for a given match, most matches get around three markets.  Several of our top betting sites can offer betting markets in the double-digits, meaning that they offer many more ways to bet on esports events.

In Summary: The reality is that from a betting perspective, esports is now just another sport.  Bookmakers are setting odds and accepting bets on the available potential outcomes like any sporting event.  While there is obviously something about esports that is very much ‘culturally alternative’ and you might not really care for traditional sports, when it comes to betting on esports, you will be far better served by playing with the top traditional betting sites that offer excellent esports coverage.  You’ll get:

With esports-only betting sites, the only thing that you can reasonably take away from the experience that is superior to top traditional betting sites is use of certain esports team logos on their site and the satisfaction that you might gain in the feeling that you are with ‘the alternative’.  That’s fine if that’s what you need.  Unfortunately, we can’t recommend esports-only betting sites to our readers given the above reasons.  It is just not a risk worth taking - esports-only sites simply offer an inferior wagering service compared to our listed traditional online sports betting providers.

Is online esports betting a legal activity?

This is an incredibly complex question.  The legality of online betting is different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction - from country to country, or even state to state or province to province.  The reality is that the most reputable betting sites that are listed here are highly regulated for international play by reputable gaming regulators in the jurisdictions of Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao.  Beyond these, certain individual nations have chosen to regulate online sports and esports betting for their citizens.  

For example the UK, Italy, Spain and Denmark each regulate online betting for their citizens.  Any company that wishes to provide an online betting service to citizens of these countries must adhere to strict rules of conduct with regard to protection of minors, problem gambling awareness, anti-money laundering practises, customer fairness and transparency, as well as remittal of gaming taxes and license fees.  Six of our eight top esports betting sites operate in at least one or more of these highly regulated national markets.  

For a long period of time, online betting was federally illegal in the USA, but a 2018 supreme court decision has opened up the ability for the 50 individual states to determine whether or not esports and sports betting should be legal within their state jurisdiction.  New Jersey was the pioneering state that was looking toward legalizing online betting for its citizens.  Thus, given the incredible complexity of the question, it is best to ask if online esports betting is legal within your jurisdiction of residence.  In many cases, online esports betting just a part of the regular sports betting regulation by various national gaming oversight bodies.

In other cases, your jurisdiction may fall into a ‘grey area’ with regard to online betting due to a lack of applicable laws or somewhat of a legal vacuum in terms of online betting.  Here’s why: the betting operator is located ‘off-shore’.  While it may be illegal to operate an online betting service within your jurisdiction, the off-shore operators essentially circumvent the issue as they conduct their business and transact with their customers around the world from jurisdictions where remote gambling operators are allowed and regulated, such as Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao.  

Since the operators are off-shore and cannot be prosecuted for their operations, actual customers in your jurisdiction may be essentially free to use these off-shore services.  Understand that most of these same off-shore services provide their services to highly regulated markets as well, so the term ‘off-shore’ is not something that should be frightening to you.  For example, a service like Unibet serves highly regulated markets in the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Belgium and Denmark, but they also serve over 100 other national markets that don’t have the same kinds of legislative and regulatory framework with regard to online betting.  You won’t be treated any differently as a bettor compared to those in these regulated markets.  You get the advantage of Unibet’s amazing service, with fairness and compliance, without having to be in a highly regulated market.

To check on your local situation, we’ve organised the best esports betting sites by country so that you can find providers that are ready to serve you within your national jurisdiction.

How old do I need to be to bet on esports?

Again, this question is dependant on your jurisdiction of residence.  Most European and off-shore betting sites require their players to be at least 18 years of age.  Note that as part of your account verification process that will occur before any funds can be withdrawn from your betting account, you will need to provide documentation of your identity which will certainly list your age.

Is esports at risk of illegal match-fixing?

Like any kind of sports competition, there is always a risk of this and there have been several high profile esports match fixing scandals.  After all there are many factors and actors that can influence any kind of competition.  However, the reality is that as esports gains in popularity and the prize pools and compensation for teams and players increases, there is less chance that unsavoury people would be able to tempt match participants to ‘throw’ a match or participate in a manner that would look to affect the outcome of a match in a way that is not in the spirit of genuine competition.  

Furthermore, as evidenced by the past scandals, those that have been found guilty of match fixing have paid large fines, been given prison sentences and been banned from esports in their country.  Esports was simply so new that competitors probably thought there would be no consequences for their actions.  While there is always a continued risk, there is now so much money involved in the industry and real-life penalties to pay if anyone looks to jeopardize the legitimacy of the competition.

Lastly, the entrance of traditional online bookmakers (like those listed on this site) into the esports arena means that the fraud detection and match-fixing technology that was developed to monitor soccer betting patterns, is now also is applied to esports.  Any suspicious activity as detected by the bookmakers would be used to alert the actual esports event organizers and affected events would be taken ‘off the board’ so no bets could be placed upon them.

How to bank with your esports betting site:

Depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your esports betting site is a simple process.  Betting sites know that they cannot provide their service well if their customers cannot move their money with ease.  Thus if a betting site is going to serve customers from a given national market, they will also likely look to offer one or more popular payment methods in that national market.

Most betting sites have developed prominent ‘banking’ or ‘deposits’ or ‘withdrawals’ links so that you can easily and quickly find the pages for compatible banking methods for customers from your country.  This is key as most banking methods are regional in nature and not all prominent payment solutions are available to use with regard to betting sites from all national markets.

Note that before you make your first withdrawal, as part of anti money laundering procedures, all players must satisfy ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements.  By law, betting providers need to know that you are who you say you are.  This is for everyone.  The process may take a few days depending on the provider.  You will just need to upload a few documents to prove your identity.  They will then review them.  Be patient.  You may wish to provide these documents soon after you register your account so that you won’t need to wait for KYC approval when actually looking to make your first withdrawal.  

Payments to esports betting sites via credit and debit cards

Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are nearly universal in their acceptance at reputable esports betting sites.  The one caveat to using a credit card is that your payment may be treated as a ‘cash advance’ as opposed to a purchase.  Depending on your bank and card, this could mean that interest charges could accrue from the moment of the transaction.  If you are not sure if this might apply to you, start with a very small credit card transaction to see how it is treated.  If in doubt, use your debit card.  You won’t be charged interest when you simply debit your bank account via the use of your debit card.

Payments via e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz

PayPal is a very popular payment solution around the world, however, with regard to online betting services, it is available in relatively few national markets - mainly some, but not all European nations.  If you are outside these select few nations in Europe, you will not be able to use PayPal to make payments to your betting site.

Other services similar to PayPal like Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter or EcoPayz are more widely available as e-wallets to use in conjunction with esports betting sites.  We breakdown the available esports betting sites by country.  Find your country of choice there and read about which of these e-wallet services are available in your country of residence.

Payments to esports betting sites via bank debit solutions

Bank account debit solutions have become highly popular methods to make payments to betting sites.  Given how highly regulated the banking industry has become, solutions for debiting a bank account are highly regional.  Bank debit solutions have emerged in Nordic nations like Trustly.  Klarna (Sofort) has emerged as a dominant debit solution in Central Europe.  Instadebit, iDebit and Interac have emerged for users in Canada.  POLi Payments are popular in New Zealand and Australia.  Depending on your country of residence, these debit solutions among others often have low fees and are essentially instant for payments.  Withdrawals are also generally processed very quickly.

Payments to esports betting sites via Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is not yet a fully-fledged payment solution for most reputable esports betting sites.  At this point, one of our six companies support Bitcoin payments, or can be classified as Bitcoin esports betting sites - it is 10Bet.  With 10Bet, you can actually set your betting account in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or Litecoin. So not only can you fund your esports betting account directly in BTC, ETH, USDT or LTC, but you bet directly in your crypto as well. Some other companies allow for funding in crypto, but this gets exchanged toward a value in a fiat currency. Note that with 10Bet, you set your betting account currency when you join, and there is no ability to change this, as with most betting sites. So make sure you are sure about your chosen base cryptocurrency when you sign up.

Payments via prepaid solutions like paysafecard and AstroPay Card

paysafecard is a prepaid payment solution that is available in dozens of countries at thousands of local retailers around the world.  At the paysafecard site, you can check to find the nearest retail establishment that sells their cards.  Once at the retailer, use cash, debit or credit cards to buy as many paysafecards as you wish.  Depending on where you live, the cards may be available in your local currency.  In some countries, you may have the cards available in USD or Euros.  

The paysafecard fee is built into the price of each card.  For example, a $100 card will cost about $105 or so.  There are several denominations available, in an effort to suit players of all levels.  Once you have purchased the cards, you can take them home and at the betting site cashier page, enter the PIN codes for up to 10 cards at the same time in order to add funds to your betting account.  Funds will be granted instantly.

AstroPay Card is a virtual prepaid solution found mainly for players in emerging markets, or those not well-served by some of the e-wallet solutions.  Their virtual prepaid card lets players load funds to their virtual card with a local bank debit method, credit card or e-wallet.  They have an app that is very easy to use to deposit funds to given betting sites.  

How large is the market for online esports betting?

The esports betting market is already seen to be worth a significant amount of money, but rapid growth is expected in comparison to the market for traditional online sports betting.  Gaming research firm Eilers and Krajicek released a comprehensive whitepaper on the esports betting market and industry that expected over US$250 million to be wagered on esports in 2015.  By 2020, just five years later, they expected that number to rise to over US$23 billion, an increase of over 90-fold.  This number is certainly massive, but it is a relatively small piece of the world bookmaking and sports betting pie.  In 2013 the BBC reported that the world bookmaking market, both legal and illegal, was worth between US$700 billion and US$1 trillion.

Strategies and tips for esports betting

Let’s be clear about something important:  There are always people that look to take advantage of inexperienced bettors.  Some ‘tipsters’ promise picks or tips that will have guaranteed success.  I can assure you that there are no guarantees.  The best bettors in the world, the professional bettors that can make a living by handicapping sports or esports competitions tend to top out at a 55% win-rate.  If you find yourself tempted by someone that is boasting about numbers that are much higher than this for their win-rate, be highly sceptical.  Chances are, it is too good to be true.

In the end remember that esports betting should be for fun.  It is not a way to get rich quick.  As ever with any kind of betting or gambling, know the limit that you set for yourself before wagering, then stay within that limit.  It is not worth going into debt for any sort of betting.  Keep it fun, when the fun stops - STOP.  Best of luck!

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